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BUS Anniversary

Two years of BUS. I feel old. And maybe a little crazy, some people come and go but I make my home and stay there. Obviously I fit in well. Or maybe I'm just too nutty to leave. Last year I put my anniversary thread in Distractions and Joyce offered to move it to the main board so I said yes. This year I've put it in Random Weirdness and I want it to stay there cos that's where the people I would consider my friends are. If it was on the main board I'd probably get lots of people who I don't know saying congratulations but this way I might get conversation and a fun thread!

Windows Media Player won't open. I have no idea why. I click on it, the sand timer appears for a few seconds then goes away and nothing happens. Very annoying.

I just watched the Voyager episode about suicide. I thought I'd put some quotes in here. Cos I'm a bit morbid like that:

"The one thing I want, more than anything, is to die." - Quinn

"In many cultures suicide is acceptable and in and of itself cannot be used as evidence of mental illness." - Tuvok

"I'm ready to die. How about you?" - Quinn's newspaper column

On a more upbeat note, Jess, Emma and maybe Sarah should be coming round on Friday. Hopefully they actually will come round this time and won't cancel at the last minute like they did on my birthday.

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