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*Looks around suspiciously*

Something is wrong. I don't know what it is yet but I know something is going to come out of nowhere and screw everything up for me.

How do I know this, you ask? I'll tell you. I wrote my essay today. It went well.

That's right, it went WELL. I did not throw my notes around while lamenting my uselessness and hoping for death, oh no. I looked at my notes and produced an essay out of the information. I ended up with 1773 words.

And that's not even including the footnotes which I haven't done yet. It's supposed to be 2500, I was just hoping to scrape 1500 since I usually hit the 1000 mark and realise I've written everything I've got information on and have nothing else to say.

But not this time, this time I zoom right on down to 1773 easy.

So yes, something is wrong here. What will it be? Will it turn out that what I've written is all completely wrong? Will my printer not work and leave me stranded now my memory stick has buggered up? Will I be accused of plagarism cos I used so much information from the books?

Who knows? Only time will tell. I always make sure I reference absolutely everything to try and avoid plagarising. I plan to print it on Wednesday, which gives me a couple of days to panic find another way of getting it printed if it doesn't work. And if it's all wrong, well not much I can do about that. La di dah as they say.

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