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Five Lies Answers

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for...the answers!

1. My former headmaster is now a registered sex offender. True But I feel I should stress it had nothing to do with children and I still think he was a very nice man.
2. I have acted on stage in a real theatre. True The Redgrave Theatre in Farnham. I was Mrs Maylie in the Young Redgrave production of Oliver Twist. (I was also a tree in something else, but we ignore that.)
3. When I was in middle school I was too scared to audition for the choir so I photocopied all the songs from my friend and learnt them even though I never got to sing them. True And for ages afterwards hearing those songs made me really sad.
4. One Christmas I cheated on my vegetarianism because the turkey was too tempting. False Being a vegetarian is very important to me.
5. At one point I held my schools record for Year 9 girls Triple Jump. True I may still have it, I don't know. It was 6m something.
6. I am a Grade 3 at the flute. False I never took grades, although 3 was about where I got to.
7. I didn't know how to tie my shoelaces or tell left from right until I was quite old. True Personally I think this is a sign of genius, they often overlook little details like that.
8. My team won first place at the Egg Race final in London where we had to build a device to accurately weigh Polos. True And I got a medal for it too!
9. I only have one piercing in each ear because when I was going to get another one done I chickened out at the last minute. False I only have one piercing in each ear because that's all I want. I never went for a second one.
10. I got a silver in the Year 8 Maths Challenge. False I got gold. Go me! I got silver in all the others though.
11. When I was a child even the slightest trace of tomato ketchup made me feel sick. True Vile, vile stuff. Also a problem when most people are of the opinion that 'all children love tomato ketchup.'
12. When I was a teenager I made up crushes on guys. True I had no real ones but my friends kept asking so I made up some. Unfortunately I didn't pick well and was often met with 'eww' and had to backtrack quite quickly.
13. Autumn is my favourite season. True I love it. It's so pretty
14. I was named after a friend of my parents. False It was a radio station. That's right, my mothers favourite radio station when she was young was a pirate station called Radio Caroline.
15. My earliest memory is of walking along with my grandad and teddy bear. True We crossed a road in Rye, I dropped Ted and Grandad ran back to get her.

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