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I want mice.

Yes, I know a few days ago I wanted snow but now I want mice. I'm a very fickle person.

There are many problems with this, of course, that I shall now lay out in an orderly fashion:

1. I don't know where I get any. <-- Kind of a big problem this one.
2. I need a cage/bedding/food/everything necessary for keeping mice. I did think about getting the old hamster cage from home but apparently mice are so small the bars would probably be too big for them. <-- Also carries the problem of where to get them.
3. Transport. Suppose I did find a place to buy all this stuff, would I be able to get it back on the bus? And what about the mice themselves? <-- Possible solution, look for shop in Herne Bay and walk. <-- Possible problem, not actually sure how to get into Herne Bay since I don't live in the town itself.
4. Going home. Would it be too traumatic for the mice to make the journey home with me? I don't know how they'd take a car ride.
5. At home. I'd have to leave them for a week when I went to America and have family take care of them. Also, I'm not sure where in the house they'd go. Train Room I guess, but I wouldn't really see them much then.
6. Oh, yeah. Tenancy agreement, no pets. But the landlady hardly ever visits and I think I'd be okay so this is probably the least of my concerns to be honest.

So really, all logic is telling me this is a bad idea. But I want mice!! They're so cute and sweet and I really think I could take good care of them. Plus I think it would be good for me to have something to focus on and look after. Pets make great anti-depressants.
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