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Five Lies

Yep, I'm doing the five lies. What follows is a list of fifteen fabulous facts about little old me. Included in the fifteen though are five dirty and despicable lies. It's your job to work out which one they are.

1. My former headmaster is now a registered sex offender.
2. I have acted on stage in a real theatre.
3. When I was in middle school I was too scared to audition for the choir so I photocopied all the songs from my friend and learnt them even though I never got to sing them.
4. One Christmas I cheated on my vegetarianism because the turkey was too tempting.
5. At one point I held my schools record for Year 9 girls Triple Jump.
6. I am a Grade 3 at the flute.
7. I didn't know how to tie my shoelaces or tell left from right until I was quite old.
8. My team won first place at the Egg Race final in London where we had to build a device to accurately weigh Polos.
9. I only have one piercing in each ear because when I was going to get another one done I chickened out at the last minute.
10. I got a silver in the Year 8 Maths Challenge.
11. When I was a child even the slightest trace of tomato ketchup made me feel sick.
12. When I was a teenager I made up crushes on guys.
13. Autumn is my favourite season.
14. I was named after a friend of my parents.
15. My earliest memory is of walking along with my grandad and teddy bear.

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