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*Can't think of a title*

I feel like I'm going backwards. I thought I was getting better with the people and crowds thing and then I find myself nearly in tears in Virgin because I can't take it and having anxiety attacks just from walking down the street.

I told Nicola, she suggested I might need to up my meds and I should talk to my doctor about it. She also suggested I ask her for one that I really cannot remember the name of, except that it began with D, that I would take only when I felt anxious and I should use when I go to America. You know, so I don't panic on the plane. That would be interesting.

"Hey, are you afraid of flying?"
"No, I love flying. It's the airport I'm afraid of."

I hope she's mentioned it in the computer notes or somewhere cos the chances of me actually asking for it are slim to none. Especially since I don't recall what it actually was.

Of course I know I'm going to get worse the next few days since I've come to the end of my current prescription and won't get a new one till my appointment on Tuesday. Because I am too scared to do the repeat prescription thing. Bask in the pathetic glory of me!

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