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Happy Easter

Happy chocolate day. May the Easter Bunny bring you lots. :D

I'm back from Jess' house. I talk far too much when I drink, I wasn't even drunk. I guess it's cos I hardly ever talk normally. I went on about being bisexual cos personality is more important than appearance. Yeah, they probably think I'm an idiot who can't make up her mind.

We played the Friends game and the girls won both times. Yay us! Although some of the fun goes out of the 18+ version when you're a virgin cos lots of your answers are obvious.

Paul asked me if I was interesting in going to an Evanescence concert in France if he could get tickets. I said ok, now I'm thinking that was a mistake. I'm doing ok with these social gatherings but I'm not sure about a concert, let alone one in another country!

I feel bad, I'm not sure if this is just a general feeling or if it has an actual reason behind it.

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