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My Ring and Other News

I found my ring! This makes me very happy. See, days of searching in wet, dirty grass with evil brambles that scratch your hand pays off! Now I just need to figure out a way to stop myself losing it again. At the moment it's on the same finger as the ring Jeni gave me. Probably telling it all kinds of stories about it's week long adventure outside.

In other news, I cannot hear out of my right ear yet again. I hate this, it's very disconcerting to only be able to hear on one side and it also makes my breathing and eating seem louder which is not nice. Plus the head crunching, which I hate. I hope I can hear well enough in the seminar later.

I also wonder if I need pronunciation lessons. The guy who served me at lunch was very impatient and hurrying everyone along but I still don't understand how "vegetarian pizza" can be mistaken for "battered cod piece."

Hmm, just over two hours till my seminar and I am completely unprepared because it makes no sense to me. This should be fun(!)

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