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Does this look like work to you? No, no it doesn't. I came to the computer room to read my Pre-Industrial England lecture. Instead of making us sit in a dingy lecture theatre for an hour while he drones on the teacher has decided to put the lectures online instead. The lack of desperate scribbling will probably be good for my hand however there is also a downside in that in an actual lecture there is no opportunity to be distracted by the myriad of other things online.

I'll do it soon. Honest.

David was being annoying again this morning. He knocked on my door and asked how I was and if I'd stopped taking my meds. Not any of his business, but not that annoying. But then after I say no he keeps going on about it asking if I'm sure, like I was lying, and saying I don't sound good.

Hmm, why could that be? Other than the obvious fact that it's morning and I'm in bed. Just because you're up doesn't mean everyone else is. Maybe it's because I'm back at uni where I'm completely alone, I don't like either of the classes I'm taking, I haven't talked to my girlfriend in days and I miss her terribly, I'm tired all the time, my head keeps hurting and I haven't eaten much since I've been here cos I constantly feel like I'm about to be sick. Oh, and I lost my ring.

Have I told you about my ring? My gold dolphin one? The one I've had for years and really love? Yeah, it fell off my stupid thin finger and now I can't find it. I know vaguely where it is, on the path outside the house, but there's so much grass and brambles and rubbish that I can't find it. And I don't know where exactly it came off either.

I nearly didn't come in this morning cos I was worried I might throw up on the bus, which would be really, really not good. I have to be in at 10 tomorrow. I hope I get up in time, I seem to be always tired and end up oversleeping.

Oh, but my phone now works. I got my new sim card and when I put it in I got a load of texts all in one go cos my old one had been deactivated on Monday so I got all the texts that had been sent to me since then!


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