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First Day Back

So I'm back.

I talked to David yesterday, he said 'thanks for the present. Was that your parents idea?' Can someone slap him?

But he did give me a lift into uni today, thus saving me the cold wait at the bus stop and 45 minute bus ride this morning. Unfortunately that was negated by listening to his self help tape that he got in California that made me want to remove my brain through my ears with a spork.

Fortunately he dropped me off at uni before continuing into town.

And then we have the Saga of the Essay in which I demonstrate amazing levels of patheticness while attempting to hand in my essay.

First, I go to Cornwallis to get the cover sheets, which I then take to Keynes to fill in. So far so good. Now I have to work out where to hand them in. I wander around and eventually find Stephen's office. Yay. But wait, nowhere for essays. I continue on. At one point I see Stephen heading to his office. Do I say "hello Stephen. I have my essay for you." Hah! No, I hide and hope he didn't see me.

So I'm back near the vending machines when I spot someone from my class. 'Yay' I think, 'he'll know what to do.' So I ask him where we hand in the essays, he looks confused and says there's a folder in Cornwallis. Now it's my turn to be confused since Stephen's office is here. I start to head out but before I leave Keynes I suddenly realise I know that guy from Latin not Western Christianity. So he now probably thinks I'm insane since we don't have essays for Latin.

I sit around the front of Keynes, hoping to see someone I know from the class. I think to myself I have three options. I could knock on Stephen's door and give the essay and books to him. I could ask in reception where his pigeon hole is. I could knock on the DSU door and ask Gill to help me. Of course I do none of these.

I sit a bit more, lamenting how screwed I am along with how unbelievably pathetic I'm being, when lo! It's Stephen! I see him go into reception and look like he's taking something from a wall. I realise that must be where the pigeon holes are, hiding out of sight! So I do my hiding trick again, then wait a while so I don't look too stupid and until there are enough people in reception to mean I'm not the centre of attention. Then I go in and put my essay and his books in the pigeon hole before hurrying out insanely proud of my accomplishments.

Or, feeling like I'm about to throw up.

Now I'm in Rutherford, having confirmed that I have a two hour seminar for Pre-Industrial England at 4. Also I have the dubious joy of chorus tonight until 9:30. I would like to just go back to the house and sleep after my seminar but I don't think I can since I pretty much made my parents agree to come to the concert and therefore should really go to rehearsals for it.

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