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Eek, germs!

*Puts on surgical mask and sprays disinfectant everywhere*

My brother is ill. There's a stomach bug going around his college (kinda ironic considering what Jeni and I were talking about last night) and I heard him throwing up last night. I feel bad for him cos that really sucks, but I also cannot be ill for going back to uni. *sprays some more*

Although other things that make me feel like throwing up include getting my plane tickets in the post. I held them in my hands, they're real. I couldn't stop staring at them for ages. I am already sick with nerves and all that happened is I've got the tickets. I'm going to be a nervous wreck when I have to actually go.

I foresee many appointments with Nicola to help me with this.

In other news, America got to see the beginning of the new season of Alias last night. Lucky buggers. Jeni relayed what was going on to me over here in this poor deprived country. I thought I'd got over my obsessive Alias love but that does not seem to be the case, I was bouncing off the walls last night. And Sydney and Vaughn better get together, stay together and be all happy and cute together. I'm sick of all the angst and misery. Make her miserable cos of her mother or her father or her sister or her friends or her job or her neighbour's girlfriend's cat, but not Vaughn. Have him as the good thing in her life that helps her through all the bad crap and makes everything better. Ok? Good.

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