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Jess and Mike should be here soon to pick me up. I think I'm ready but I have the nagging feeling that I've forgotten something. That I'll get to her house and suddenly remember what that is. It's very annoying. Well, if I have I don't suppose it's that important. I have money, my phone and beer. What else do I need? The beer makes my bag really rather heavy so I'll have to carry it from underneath. I don't want it to snap and drop and the beer break in front of the Venue, spilling everywhere while people watch. No, wait, that happened at uni.

Maybe I'm taking too much beer. I know I won't drink all of it, but I thought I'd bring extra in case anyone else wanted some, however knowing me I doubt I'll get up the courage to offer any to anyone else. Plus last time it was Ben who gave his excess beer to me!

Jess said she's text me when they were on their way, so I have a while yet. I'm nervous, as usual, but also cautiously optimistic. Thursday was fun, hopefully tonight will be too.
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