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Infant Baptism

2274 words! Oh yes, I rule all! (It's supposed to be 4500 but all I was aiming for was 2250...I figure halfway is good.)

And that's not including the title or footnotes or bibliography. (The last two I still haven't done yet, that's for tomorrow after I read through it in order to make sure it makes sense.)

But the hard part is over! Yes! After I finish it off and print it out tomorrow, barring any unforeseen complications that are intent on destroying me, I don't have to do any more work over the holiday!

Well, I could do my Latin, but I think I'm going to leave that till term time. I know, aren't I stupid? I do actually have a reason, and that is that we should be going over the chapter on the Tuesday so I should hopefully have a better idea of it.

Now if only I could make myself get up. I think it's killed me.

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