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Easter Trip

Flights during the holidays are expensive. Fortunately my wonderful mother has said she'll help pay for it.

I've been looking at various websites and it's quite interesting to see the various flights I could take. I could go with Air Canada and have a stopover in Toronto, which would be cool just to be able to say I've been to Canada (even though I never left the airport.)

Or I could take leave of my senses and go with American Airlines which has a stopover in Dallas. As well as the obvious unappealingness of Dallas it also means the whole duration is 26 hours 42 minutes. I would really rather not spend a whole day and a bit on planes and in airports.

The British Airways flight is direct, and I do like their little headsets in the seats. And vegetarians get served first with meals. But I think there are probably cheaper ones with different airlines.

Also I need to look at departure and arrival times to consider people getting to and from airports to drop me off and pick me up. This is very complicated.

In other news, I'm listening to the radio on my phone. Yes, another feature of this glorious device that will do practically everything except it's basic function.

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