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It's Boxing Day

Bah, humbug.

* My phone still won't call. It's just doing this to spite me, I know it. Robert's sim card works in it, my sim card works in his, it's just my sim card refusing to work in my phone. And keeping my number is important to me.
* I got the Sims 2. But my graphics controller doesn't like it. The only way I can get it to run at all is in a window and it's so slow it's just not worth it.
* I still have that stupid essay to write. 4500 words on infant baptism. Stupid reverend, holidays are supposed to be for resting. This is meant to be my break from uni not a time for more work.
* "What are you going to spend your money on?" That was what Robert asked me about the cheques we got. Well, most likely food, gas and electricity. How exciting(!)
* Stupid essay.
* It's fucking freezing.
* I really, really hate this essay.
* Really.

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