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Jess' Birthday Meal

So the meal went ok. After the initial panic when I couldn't find anyone I texted Jess and she came out to meet me. I didn't know most of the people there, she has so many new friends now.

I met Jeff, Emma's new boyfriend. They were so sweet together. It made me wish I could have brought Jeni with me. Although she might have been as scared by us weirdos as Jeff seemed to be! Poor guy. I tried to include him by asking questions and he just seemed shellshocked and turned to Emma.

The food was ok. They forgot mine and had to quickly cook it while the others were eating. Is there something forgettable about me? Cos this wasn't the first time that that has happened.

I tried an FBI drink. It was very nice; Baileys, Kahlua, vodka and vanilla ice cream. Yummy.

The others went clubbing but cos that really doesn't interest me I went home. Ben tried to get me to go but I didn't give in. Some of us are going to meet up on Tuesday to exchange Christmas presents so that should be fun. Though it means I lugged all those presents there and back for nothing!

But Emma did give me a card. My first Christmas card of the year! Yay!

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