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My Weekend

Haven't updated for a few days, so here's how my weekend was:

Saturday: Concert. Mean lady tried to steal all the seats at the very back of the stage for herself but I sat there anyway cos I thought sitting at the top looked like fun. The actual concert went ok although we fucked up royally during one part. But for once I wasn't one of the ones who screwed it up! I remembered that we were supposed to go into 4, which other people seemed to forget. We got back in time quickly though so hopefully no one noticed, unless they knew about the piece.

Sunday: Stayed in my room, felt miserable. Missed Jeni.

Monday: Went shopping. Spent far too much money on a 21st birthday present for the girl who gave me a candle for mine. I blame Christmas, it messes up the spending area of my brain. Also did a lot of Christmas shopping in Whitstable and Canterbury. Ended up with a major headache and loads of bags.

And that brings us to today, when I am currently supposed to be looking up information on the Crown of the Golden Virgin as well as the portable altar and reliquary of St Andrew's Sandal which, as the name suggests, contains a piece of St Andrew's sandal. Yes folks, they had to built an oaken shrine covered with ivory, enamel and gold to house a bit of an old shoe.

My head hurts.

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