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The Meal

I'm back. The meal was great. I had a good time, I think because there were only eight of us there and I knew everyone so it wasn't quite as nervewracking as other times. It's also suddenly given me a social life, I've gone months without doing anything and now suddenly I have plans for a girly night at Jess' on Saturday, a sleepover next week and Emma's birthday party in May!

Jess is going to text me with more details about Saturday (which might be changed to Sunday.) There will be boys at this girly night and we plan to eat Chinese food and pizza and do girly things like use face packs and watch girly movies.

The sleepover is planned for Friday to Saturday at my house. I made Jess promise that she'd actually come this time. She got really excited about the idea of walking to the fish and chip shop! Emma will have to leave early for work but Jess wants to go bowling on Saturday.

And Emma's birthday may not be that much fun. I'm thinking it will involve a lot of alcohol and not be the kind of thing I really like but I do want to go to Pompey and meet her friends.

After the meal the others went to Wetherspoons (or evil vortex of doom as I call it) but Mum and Dad were already there to pick me up. I don't really like Wetherspoons anyway and probably wouldn't have had fun.

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