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My Bus Adventure

So I'm on the bus, two hours earlier than I would normally be on a Wednesday, feeling proud of myself for talking to the bus driver to ask him if he was going to the uni (it didn't say so on the front of the bus) and looking forward to talking to Jeni when out of nowhere the wing mirror of doom came and attacked the poor innocent bus window. Glass was broken, women screamed, traffic was held up.

Personally I think the women screaming were overreacting just a tad. No one was hurt and there was very little glass actually in the bus, most of the window stayed in place, just shattered. I was upstairs at the time so didn't see it and from what they were saying I thought it had been completely broken in spraying glass everywhere.

Anyway we made our way to the next bus stop, which was very close and had to wait for the next bus to come and all get on that one instead.

You know, this is kind of a pattern. Whenever I decided to get an earlier bus something always seems to happen to make it so I could have got a later one anyway. Weird. But I still got here quite a while early which gives me Jeni-talking time. Yayness!

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