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I've written my essay! Woo! Just need to read through it to make sure it makes sense and do the footnotes and bibliography then it's done. And the best part? I'm no longer going to bore you all with my constant whining about how much this essay is getting me down! Well, until my next one.

But you know what's funny? Or annoying depending on how you see it... This essay has no word limit, no set amount of words it's supposed to be. So that's great for me since I'm always far under the word count whenever I write anything. But not this time, oh no, this time I'm writing away and when I've finished I have 2280 words done.

Yep, so the essay that CAN be really short and for which I was aiming for 1500 is actually longer than the essay that's supposed to be 4500.

It's probably because I had 11 pages of notes, many of which were double sided. I tell you if I don't get a good mark for this essay I'm going to hurt something. Quite possibly the university email system which won't let me send an email to Sarah. I think I'll try again after they do their changeover thingy.

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