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Carolingians vs Robertians

I think my mother had a secret desire for extreme sibling rivalry when she named me and my brother. I've been researching the disintegration of the Carolingian empire and have discovered that near the end they were in conflict with the Robertians. Heh. I'm also wondering if this is going to give me a complex since the Robertians did succeed in definitively overthrowing the Carolingians in the end.

To be honest I think this is quite cool. But then I am rather sad.

I had my second meeting with the mental health nurse earlier. It went well, I was open and talkative which was good. Next we're going to plan out my Easter trip to America so I can actually go and not be too scared to do anything about it.

Anyone know why the bit above my right eye hurts? That should really be something I know, shouldn't it? I think pixies are beating me up in my sleep.

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