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Essay Blues Again

*Takes out trusty spork*

*Violently sporks all the people who take books out of the library*

*Makes some weird non-human sound of frustration*

I hate people who check books out when they know there are loads of others who probably want to do the same essay. Why can't they go to the library, do their work their and leave the books for other people? It's just so selfish to take them home so they're the only ones who can use them.

So yes, the conversion of Scandinavia question is out because it is apparently so popular that not only are all the books checked out, they have reservations on them too. So I'm back to not knowing what to do and running out of time.

All of the other questions look too daunting or confusing or about stuff I know absolutely nothing about. Gah.

*Reaches out for Jeni* Baby, make the bad essay go away. *whimpers*

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