Caroline (crystalcazzie) wrote,

This can never just be easy, can it?

*Cries and turns spork on self*

So I gave up on the renaissance question when I discovered just one relevant book and even that had nothing in it. I am now on "What forces contributed to the conversion of Scandinavia?" Even this is posing problems with the complete lack of books. Plus of course there's another issue with it. It's all about Christianity.

*Stabs Christianity with the spork*

Why can I not escape it? It's everywhere! Essay on Louis the Pious - he was a crap king cos he was a Christian. Essay on Paul - pretty obviously Christian. Essay on conversion of Scandinavia - More about fucking Christianity.

But maybe it's worth it just for the cool names, like Olaf Tryggvason. He was very successful in spreading Christianity due to his lovely policy of 'convert or be tortured to death.'

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