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No More Paul!

Woo, the essay is handed in. It's done. Bye bye Paul and his complete mangling of the Old Testament and changing the meaning every five minutes. If my teacher criticises me for making it up as I went along I should point out that that's exactly what Paul did and therefore I should get top marks. Hmm, yeah. Somehow I doubt that would work.

Now if you remember I said I would make a list and I have. I do not want to hear anything about Paul, Jews, Gentiles, faith, God, Jesus, the Old Testament, the New Testament or righteousness for a week. (That's probably all I'll get since at least some of those things are bound to come up in my next Western Christianity seminar.)

It's interesting that when we handed in our essays today we had to remove the cover sheets so our they would be anonymous. It also meant I had to scribble out my name 16 times cos I put it as a header on my work. It was weird, I've never had this double blind marking in any of my other classes. Is it so the good reverend won't give better marks to the good Christian folk while being stingy to godless heathens such as myself?

Also, the abbreviation for Christ is Xt. I'm go glad I found that out cos I was wondering about it. It seemed a bit weird to just write X, that could mean anything.

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