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Ever wonder if the medical profession is against you? On Saturday I got a letter saying my doctors appointment has been pushed back two weeks and today I get a call from the nurse saying she can't see me tomorrow how about Friday instead.

So now my appointment is Friday afternoon, which messes up my plan to write my essay after Latin that day. There's no point going back to the house then coming back to uni since the bus takes so long. This means I'll have to write the essay next week instead. Maybe it's a good thing, I can take advantage of the Latin reading week and work all day Tuesday but I hate the idea of having it hanging over my head for the weekend.

Also I had set aside that time for the mad panic rush to the library when I realise I've used up all my notes and haven't even written half as much as I'm supposed to.

I suppose it's good that I'll be here Friday. I'll be able to do the research for my next presentation so I won't be distracted by that next week. Speaking of which, I wrote up tomorrow's presentation last night. It's complete and total crap. I think last week's confidence was just a fluke.

I should go now, I've used up all my paper so I need to buy more. How fun. Also my throat is hurting a bit in that way that says "I may not be that bad now but I'm just going to get worse! You are powerless against me puny human! Mwahahaha!" So I've decided my only option is to buy ice cream.

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