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Ooh, pretty library computer

Once this essay is over I am going to make a list of words I do not want to see for a while. It will most certainly include 'Jew(ish)', 'Gentile' and 'faith.'

And so ends another completely unproductive day of hours spent in the library. If only my work produced matched my time put in I'd have no problem. It's those damn concentrating and understanding bits in the middle that are my downfall.

In other news my phone rang this morning, which was a bit weird. It was the mental health nurse at the Medical Centre making an appointment. She suggested Thursday, I said no since Thursday is my worst day, she asked when would be better, I stumbled and ummed and asked her for another suggestion, she suggested Wednesday and hey presto I have an appointment.

Now, the significance of the above is less that I have an appointment, although that is a pretty big deal, and more that I talked to the woman on the phone! Ok, so it wasn't the best phone call ever and I'm not going to win any prizes for eloquence but the fact that I didn't panic and do nothing but make weird sounds is a huge deal. Go me! I was amazed at myself and, despite getting a bit hysterical after putting the phone down, thought I handled it pretty well.

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