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Election Reaction

I'm still very unhappy about the American election and have taken to insulting 51% of American voters out loud at random times.

But, I am a writer at heart and as such I am dealing with this in a writers way. And this is what you get when you have me + anger at the election + long bus rides:

Hey, it's me, Georgie Bush
Your theocratic overlord
Doing my best to marry church and state
(In the hetero sense of the word)

I consulted God before going to war
And rendering thousands dead
Lord, I prayed, what should I do?
"Kill 'em all, George" God said

I really hate those homo queers
So my amendment just can't wait
They need to learn that love don't count
All that matters is you're straight

You know what else makes me mad?
A womans right to choose
We need to protect those little cells
(Although once they're born they're screwed)

I believe in freedom of religion
You can be a Christian or a Jew
Everybody else, go fuck yourselves
We don't want godless folk like you

I oppose life saving research
And I oppose diversity
So my mission here in the White House
Is to make everyone just like me

The supreme court guys are getting old
And who gets to replace them but I?
A conservative rule for decades to come
It'll really make the liberals cry

I don't think you're all scared enough
But don't worry, that's why I'm here
I'll take away all of your civil rights
And then you'll have lots to fear

I listened to the American people
As they shouted "W in 04"
Hallelujah, praise the Lord
I get to fuck up the world some more

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