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Oh the joy(!)

Things that have been pissing me off this past week:

Latin, Louis the Pious, David, Popes John XII and Leo VIII, Western Christianity.

Yeah, I am not in the learning frame of mind. In fact I'm pretty much against all these stupid essays and presentations at the moment. Last week I was against Louis the Pious, earlier I was against the Popes and now I'm against either Matthew and Mark or Paul. I haven't decided yet. But once I do you can be sure I'm going to be very pissed off with them.

I hate this essay. It's supposed to be 4500 words, due in on the 18th November and I haven't even decided which question I'm going to do yet. Either one about how and why the portrait of Jesus in Matthew's Gospel is a development of Mark's or how and why Paul uses the Old Testament in his letters.

My initial reaction was the first one since I studied Mark's Gospel for the full GCSE course but I think maybe I could find out more about Paul. It sounds like the kind of thing more people would write about so there should hopefully be more information.

Of course the internet doesn't seem to want to be helpful. A quick search of a few words from the question provides me with various sites including arguments against Christianity, a book on pre-marital sex, an article on same sex relationships and a page of links on Satan.

Not really what I was looking for there.

I should go into town and look for books. The Religious Studies section in Blackwells is woefully small and important books are never in the library when you need them.

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