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Quick question, which epithet would you find least offensive? Fat, Bald, Stupid, Pious or Quarrelsome. That was a question on the sign in sheet for my lecture on Wednesday. I went for Quarrelsome. I think Caroline the Quarrelsome has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

And I wrote my Louis the Pious essay yesterday. Once again it is too short. Every essay I write is too short! It's like a pathological condition.

I overslept this morning, so that wasn't good. The funny thing is that last night I felt like I would but I told myself I was just being silly because I never oversleep. Well, not since Freshers Week. I got the later bus and was five minutes late. When Jake noticed me he said he didn't see me come in, very sneaky.

The seminar itself wasn't so good, I managed to get pretty much everything spectacularly wrong. The worst thing is that it wasn't because it was difficult, it was stupid little mistakes like mistaking one word for another because they look similar.

I did better later on though. When we got to the English into Latin he picked on me to do the first one. I was doing so well until one little word when I said noster instead of nostra. So close to a perfect sentence. At the end he said I was excellent and I thought "you won't be saying that after you read my work."

Hmm, what to do now. I should go into town and buy food so I can eat but it's half term and there's going to be loads of brats around. I'd hoped it would pour with rain today so few people would be out but nope, bright and sunny. You'd never guess it was nearly November!

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