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Mmm Pizza

The people sitting on the computers opposite me are talking about pizza. I am so hungry. I'm tempted to skip chorus and just go back to the house and cook the pizza I bought on Friday.

I probably should go to chorus though, maybe singing will make me feel less crappy. I've been working on my essay and it's going nowhere. Last night I decided drinking would help and had a few whisky and cokes. Then I decided to just forget the coke and drank the whisky. Straight from the bottle. I fear I am developing the signs of an alcoholic. Especially since I did it again this morning.

Hmm, pizza or chorus, pizza or chorus. If I go back to the house now I'll probably just end up drinking more and getting even more depressed so I think I'll go to chorus. I can still have the pizza afterwards although I should probably eat something now since I don't want to be hungry for the next 3-4 hours.

I think I'll go get an ice cream sandwich. Because I am oh so healthy and didn't already have one today. (The previous statement may not be entirely true.)
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