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Happy Deathday!
Your name:crystalcazzie
You will die on:Wednesday, February 18, 2015
You will die of:Alcohol Poisoning
Created by Quill

Actually I think I'm going to die in the arctic, cold and sad. At least according to my Latin teacher. It's all to do with his metaphor of walking through a blizzard... Don't ask. Although with comments like that I think the class would be a lot of fun if I wasn't so spectacularly bad at it. I actually talked in the class today too! It was so cool! (Yes, I do realise how sad that sounds.) In fact I may post the entire conversation because I am quite that sad:

Him: Caroline, what do we need next to qualify 'are'?
Me: Not.
Him: In Latin.
Me: Oh, non.
Him: Thank you. We are doing Latin you know.
Me: Yeah, but English is so much easier.
Him: Not for some people.

And then it went into a discussion between him and some others about the Dutch guy who doesn't come any more and someone else, I forget where they're from.

I suppose I should also be grateful that he asked me one of the simplest things possible! I think that's what gave me the confidence to talk back. If he'd wanted something where I had to work out declensions and case endings and gender and all that I'd have panicked.

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