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According to BBC news about the Canterbury fire yesterday:

"Ten fire engines from more than a dozen fire stations were tackling the flames..."

Er, right. So tell me again how does that work? Did they get half a fire engine from one station and the other half from another?

Anyway, I gave my talk about Charlemagne's Imperial Coronation today. It wasn't that great since I got really nervous and ended up trailing off and stumbling over every word as I reached the end. And the best thing is I have to do it all over again next week! But this time about Caroline Minuscule. I think it's a type of writing, it has a great name.

I got an email from Sue at the DSU about the ILP. And doesn't using initials make me sound smart?

Also, my Western Christianity seminar was about half the size of last week. I think everyone left when they realised it was basically just Bible study. This week we learned all about Paul and his letter to the Galatians and how he's actually quite mad and didn't really seem to know what he was talking about.

Now I need to go if I want to buy ice cream before I catch the bus. Which I do. Because ice cream rules and I keep meaning to try this oatmeal cookie chunk but never do. Plus I need sustenance to do my Latin tonight. It is really rather confusing.

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