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It's Christmas Jumper time!

I had the crazy idea that I might take selfies to document all the different jumpers I wear throughout the month, since I have a wide selection. Time will tell if I'll actually follow through with that though!

It's also the first day of Advent calendars. We don't have quite as many this year as we have had previously, but we still have a good selection:


M&S Beauty, Craft Gin Club, a Lindt one each, Kinder, Comet & Cupid for Tormund, and the one I made up for Mum.

This is where my hoarding tendencies actually come in handy. Mum's one is made using an old Advent calendar from years ago that I kept telling myself I should throw away but kept cos I thought I might use it again. And now I have.


Each box contains a chocolate and a card domino. The cards have questions and answers on and, when put together correctly, will spell out the code she'll need to unlock her present come Christmas Day:


Hopefully this is what she'll end up with!

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