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Full Festive Weekend

Every year I like to go up to London and have a fun festive weekend with Paul. We didn't do it last year for obvious reasons, so I was really glad we got to do it now. It was a bit earlier than usual, but that's fine. I've embraced the Christmassyness in November!


We started our weekend in Kingston on Friday night:


Quite simple lights, but still pretty.


The Bentall Centre looked nice too.

We went for cocktails at a place called Incognito, which was absolutely insane! The downstairs is a relatively sedate, normal bar like any other. But then you go up the stairs...


And end up on the top floor, where they bring you cocktails like this:


The Pearl. It had jasmine foam and lychee balls in a seashell!

Paul's was even more ostentatious...


Served in a diver's helmet!

My second cocktail was a bit more run of the mill, coming as it did in a goblet:


The base smoked, of course.

But once again Paul won the competition for most theatrical...


His came with a grab machine game! He managed to get one of the gold eggs out and won a free shot, which he did not redeem.

After that we went for dinner at Wildwood, which I'd chosen entirely because I wanted their Festive Four Cheese and Cranberry Sauce pizza.


It did not disappoint!

And we finished the evening with a mulled wine at the Kingston Christmas market.


Another glass for my collection!


On Saturday we went to the Chelsea Physic Garden Christmas Fair. I didn't get any pictures there, but I did buy a couple of cuddly dinosaur ornaments for the tree!

We then headed into central London. There were lots of pretty decorations and extremely Christmassy buildings that I really liked! But it was daylight and quite busy, so I didn't get as many photos as I wanted.

I had to take a photo of this place though:



There was also this festive tunnel:


We also went to Trafalgar Square, which meant I got to see what's on the Fourth Plinth for the first time in ages:


That's weird. Bring back the Big Blue Cock I say!

We braved the winds to cross the river to the Southbank where we had eggnog and looked at electric trees:


On the way back towards Seven Dials we passed a shop that I don't think I've seen before cos I'm sure I would remember it if I had:



It literally has teddy bears attached to the outside!

As it was darker now, I took pics of the Seven Dials decorations:




The reason we were in Seven Dials was so we could go to Cocktails by Candlelight. I'd found it online and thought it sounded fun. I'm so glad I did cos it was brilliant! The people were so friendly and chatty, and it was very Christmassy! We were given mulled wines on arrival and then taken through to become mad scientists...



First we made our own candles:


I went for Tropical Santa for my candle's scent, which is apparently the least chosen. My sense of smell is obviously weird.

Second we made cocktail number one:


Very nice.

And third we made cocktail number two, which had an unusual ingredient...


Edible paint! It was geranium flavour and I actually really liked it!


I attempted to paint a wave in my glass. It wasn't entirely successful.


Didn't look too bad once the drink was in it though.

There were two other pairs in the session with us and it was really nice to chat with them about what they're doing in London. But Paul and I had to head off quite quickly in order to make our dinner reservations at Rowley's, where we had...


Amazing steak! We both went for the entrecote, which they're famous for and it was definitely the right choice!


On Sunday we returned to Kingston for brunch and a look at their Christmas market. I didn't buy as much as I'd thought I probably would, but I did get the now traditional cheese truckles and chocolate kisses cakes.

And, as is also traditional, we ended our weekend in The Flyer where I had...


Mulled wine...


And Pinot Noir gin!

So all in all a very fun festive weekend. I just wish I didn't feel so down at the end of it. Maybe I'll just have to look forward to our next outing. Paul, Jennie and I did talk about visiting gin distilleries and I'm really tempted to make a list of them and declare 2022 the Year of Gin!
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