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A Few Things

The heavy rain of the past two nights mocked my feeble attempts to patch up the conservatory roof and water is still getting in. I suppose I can console myself with the fact that it is significantly less water than it would have been had I not done anything, but I'm still disappointed. I see that rain isn't forecast for the next few days, so I might have to venture up the ladder once more when everything has dried out and try again.

I made more progress decluttering. I managed to throw away things that I'd been holding on to for ages for sentimental reasons by asking myself if I'd bother to bring them with me if I moved house. The answer was no, so why am I keeping them in this house? I did keep a picture of Dad from a work event though. I should probably throw it cos I have no idea who the men with him are, but now that he's gone I'm constantly aware that there are a finite number of pictures of him in existence.

In more uplifting news, I got a Switch. A free Switch, as I like to tell everyone, cos I had enough Nectar points to cover the cost. I've been collecting points for many years now and they were building up so high I thought I should probably use them. I really liked the idea of spending them on something specific (and fun) rather than just putting them towards normal shopping, and thus, free Switch! Now I just need to find the time to play it. My friend gave me Breath of the Wild as a belated birthday present and I'm enjoying it so far but I've only played it once!

I did find time to watch the most recent episodes of Lower Decks, which I am still absolutely loving. Especially the latest episode with all the simulations, which was pretty much one giant basket of Easter eggs (although do they still count as Easter eggs when they're so overt?) I've also now started Ted Lasso, which is great. I did not expect Rebecca to be so mean though! Clearly all those gifs and posts on Tumblr misled me.

And apparently certificates and pin badges are the in thing right about now cos hot on the heels of the ones I got for blood doning I've now received ones from Mensa for being a member for 20 years. Which is funny, cos it'll actually be 25 years in December so this must be a new thing they've suddenly introduced. Probably as a way to keep people from leaving.
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