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Engineer's Report

Central Heating Update: The valve is completely knackered, the pump isn't working properly, there's a build up of sludge in the pipes, and the boiler should probably be condemned.

I suppose that last one isn't too surprising considering it must be 40 or 50 years old now.

So it's a bigger job than I'd hoped it would be, but maybe it's for the best since we probably should have replaced that boiler years ago. And, if I understand correctly, getting a combi boiler means that the old valve and pump won't be needed any more, so they won't need replacing. It also means we won't need the hot water tank. I don't know if removing that is part of the job when the new boiler is installed but I hope so. Otherwise we're just going to end up with an old hot water tank sitting in the cupboard for the next 20 or 30 years because we never get around to getting rid of it.

This has also motivated me to do better with decluttering. I thought I'd been doing quite well, but seeing someone else try to navigate the house made it clear how very far I still have to go. I think the problem is that once I'd cleared the main living areas I'd allowed myself to not worry so much about the rest. An 'out of sight out of mind' situation, which combined with my clutter blindness makes it very difficult to keep on track.

I do need to be harsher with myself though. I have so much stuff I haven't used in years but feel sentimental about as soon as I see it or delude myself into thinking will be useful in the future somehow. But all that happens is the never ending cycle of failure: Item sits there for ages -> I go to throw it away -> I decide to keep it -> Item sits there for ages -> Repeat.

I know I keep saying I need to be better. Maybe one day I actually will be.

But I'm also still holding out hope for Euromillions this evening. That would solve a whole lot of problems.
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