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I had my first lecture on Franks, Vikings and the First Reich. Apparently we have to do a small presentation every seminar and if people don't contribute in discussions there's no point them being there.

It's like he was telling me specifically to leave.

So now I have to talk for a few minutes on Charlemagne's Imperial Coronation. I also still have Latin exercises to do once I actually buy the stupid book. Really should go do that.

Also, David is really annoying me. He's still telling me what I think and feel and trying his pseudo-psychology. The trouble is when he does get one thing right it goes to his head and he starts going on about how smart he is and how well he knows me.

Plus he thinks all my problems will be solved if I go out and get laid.

I'm so stupid. Last year was too difficult even when I was living with my friend and looked forward to the evenings. Now I dread going back to the house as much as I do going to class.

I really wanted to stop all this whining in my journal but whatever, it's my journal, so I'm now going to lament about being useless and stupid and worthless.

I'm useless and stupid and worthless.

Wasn't that fun?

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