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I'm playing puzzletome again. I gave up for a while but Mum convinced me to keep going. I think she just wants me to catch up and help her, which is ridiculous since she's the one who's helped me on almost every one so far.

But I did 3.6 all by myself! I feel so proud! And it was fun, why can't all the puzzles be like that? 3.7 is weird, it's like a bunch of monkeys were given typewriters and this is the result.

Only a week till Easter. All the chocolate eggs will be disappearing soon. I love chocolate eggs. I would go out and buy some but that would involve actually going out. Oh how I wish leaving the house was a simple everyday thing and not a huge deal that scares me so much. I'm going to my friend's meal on Thursday. This should be a fun thing I'm looking forward to. It shouldn't be a source of anxiety and fear but it is.

In other news, I still haven't sorted out my OU course materials.

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