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Hello, September!

I usually make a post at the beginning of September saying how much I love this time of year. And I have no plans to stop now! So here we go...

I must admit the weather doesn't feel particularly autumnal yet. But then it is still technically summer. Or maybe it does feel autumnal and it's just that the weather has been like this for weeks now so it doesn't feel any different! I'm going to Rye and Hastings at the weekend so I hope we have good weather for that. I don't want a heatwave but I would like some sunshine.

TV-wise I haven't heard anything about when Bake Off might be coming back. I hope it is going to be on this year cos it's a big part of my autumnal viewing. Not the biggest though. That honour goes to Strictly, which I do know is coming back cos the celebrities have all been revealed. Apparently the launch show is on the 18th, which is earlier than last year but still a bit later than usual. Normally it's on on or around my birthday.

My birthday being another good thing about this time of year. I'm not sure what, if anything, I'm going to do on the day itself. But I might try and consider the Rye visit a birthday trip.
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