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Can I bang my head against a wall?

Well, I thought that since I haven't heard from Gill I should get the registering out of the way so I went to the Registry, which was packed, and waited for my turn. The wait was not fun and I was about this close to a panic attack, I could feel my heart beating rapidly and honestly felt like I might throw up as soon as I opened my mouth to talk to the lady. Fortunately I didn't. I said I was returning from an intermission and she asked for my card. I was actually still saying that I was told I had to register in person but I don't think she heard. Anyway she tapped her keys and then said that the card is still valid and I should come back for a form in a few weeks when the the queues will be less to get a new one.

Er, ok, but I wasn't there about my card, I was there to register.

So now I'm just going to do it online. I'm kinda worried because the letter did say I had to register in person but I suppose there's nothing else I can do. I went, told her my situation and if she didn't do it then I guess that's fine.

Or it would be except the student pages don't seem to be doing anything.

Seriously, head meet wall.

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