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Exciting News!

So, a few things have happened since I last updated:

1. I got my second Covid jab a week ago, which means that a week from today I will be fully vaccinated and able to go to all the nightclubs I want. Which is zero.

2. Last weekend saw Rob's and Mum's birthdays so he came up to visit. I once again made Mum work for her presents:


There were eight bookmarks, each with a different type of cipher on, which she had to decode. Then she had to sort the results into four pairs. Every bookmark had a different colour tassel and the Happy Birthday card had various flowers with different coloured petals. She had to find the petal colours that corresponded to the tassel pairs and take the numbers at the centre of those flowers. One of the colours of each pair also corresponded to one of the colours on the padlock, which is how she could tell which number went where. And, simple as that, she had access to her presents.

But, to be honest, most of Mum's birthday was focused on something else. Because that was the day that we went to Battersea. Which brings me to the most exciting event that has happened recently:



His name is Tormund and apparently he's a Collie crossed with a Portuguese Podengo. As I said, he's from Battersea and the whole process went really quickly. We noticed him on the website on Wednesday. I emailed them on Thursday. They phoned Friday while I was at work and had a long conversation with Mum. They then video called us later that day so we could both see Tormund and how he behaved and wanted to know if we were still interested, which of course we said we were. The vet nurse called me on Saturday and gave me various details about his health and what they've done since he's been there. Then on Sunday Rob drove us up and we brought him home.

I thought it would take longer and they might ask us to visit a few times, but they said that it would be better to get him settled in a home and he'd warm up to us there. So that's what we've done. He's free to take himself off and hide in an empty room if he wants, which he does sometimes, but other times he chooses to stick near us and seems perfectly happy. Often he'll lay down near where I'm sitting and he sleeps in my room so I think he likes me.

He also seems to like the cuddly dog that I have by the side of my bed:

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