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Family Football

As you must be aware by now, I have very little interest in football, but I do have interests in both chocolate and winning things. So for that reason I am at least partially interested in the Euros because we're doing a family sweepstake and the winner gets this amazing prize:

Behold! The Coveted Chocolate Football!

We each got one team per group so we were all facing each other to start with, but now the group matches are over and we're into the round of 16, which makes things a little more dicey. I have four teams left, all playing other people, so I could be knocked out at this point. Same with Mum. Rob and Meg are both guaranteed to go through to the quarter finals cos they have matches where they're playing themselves. Of course the other way of looking at that is that Rob and Meg will definitely be losing a team each, whereas it is theoretically possible all four of mine will go through. If that did happen they'd be playing each other in the quarter finals though, so I'd definitely be down to two teams after that. Of course, those two could be the ones to make it all the way to the end and I could end up playing myself in the final, which would be fun. Looking at the match fixtures, that's also a possible outcome for Rob or Meg, but not for Mum. It's not possible for any one person to take up all the slots in the semi finals, but either Rob or Meg could have three teams out of four.

Statistically, Meg's in the strongest position as she has five teams still in it. (Also a lot of her teams are apparently good at football and more likely to win their matches, but who cares about silly little things like that...)
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