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Eurovision Christmas

Last weekend was fun. Thanks to the restrictions being eased, my brother was able to visit and actually come into the house this time so we were able to finally have Christmas. Just five months late! The little potted Christmas tree I bought back in December was still alive and did its part to bring a festive feel as we opened presents. I've now put it outside cos it has been turning a bit brown. Hopefully it'll perk up and survive until next Christmas as well.

Also last weekend was one of the greatest nights of the year. I am talking, of course, about the Eurovision Song Contest. As usual the UK entry was terribly boring and came last. It also scored the dreaded nul points, only the second time we've done that in the whole history of the contest, which I'm not sure was deserved. He definitely wasn't as bad as Jemini! But then is getting nul points better or worse than just getting three points like Germany did? At least nul points is memorable and will go down in Eurovision history. Three points doesn't even come with that consolation prize. And I'm actually surprised that Germany did that badly to be honest. I mean, yes, the song was completely ridiculous and the dancing middle finger was an insane staging choice, but I did think the whole thing was so bizarre that it might just appeal in that specifically Eurovision-type way. It's also annoyingly catchy and has kept popping into my head at random times over the past week, which makes it far more memorable than a lot of the songs!
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