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Slow Progress is Better Than No Progress

Yes, this is another post about decluttering. Probably of interest to absolutely no one but myself but this is my journal and I want to keep writing about it so I can see what progress I'm making and keep myself accountable. Otherwise I feel like I could easily slide back into not bothering any more. Clutter blindness is a real problem!

I tried selling some books on Ziffit but it was just too much hassle, especially when they didn't want about 80% of them, so I found a book donation point instead. I took four boxes of books there the other day, which was good. I like it too cos it says that anything they can't sell they recycle, so I don't have to worry about the condition of the books either. I did end up keeping more than I probably should have, which felt like a bit of a failure, but I have such fond memories of reading those Horrible Histories books that I didn't feel I could get rid of them.

I've also cleared out some stuff from under my bed, including a basket of stuff that must have been there for years. I feel pleased about that, but of course it doesn't look like much of an accomplishment cos this stuff was all hidden away anyway. I suppose I could use this newfound space for other things that I want to keep, but then I run into the danger of forgetting about them too. Maybe it would be a good place for schoolwork.

Schoolwork is something that has been giving me a lot of problems when it comes to decluttering. I found it easy to throw away my old college work cos I was depressed and struggling for pretty much my whole time at sixth form so I had absolutely no interest in looking back at anything that reminded me of those days. But schoolwork is a different matter and brings back different memories. Part of me thinks I should just get rid of it cos it's completely useless and just taking up space, but it's also irreplaceable. I've managed to make myself get rid of a lot of things that I don't really need by reminding myself that I can always just buy it again if it turns out that I made a mistake, but that's not the case here. Once that schoolwork is gone then it's gone forever. So I'm finding this quite difficult.

I took more clothes to the donation bin, although again not as many as I would have liked, but it's another step in the right direction. And I've bagged up quite a lot of small electricals to take next time.

I also gave my shower head and grouting a proper clean. That's not really related to decluttering but I still consider it an accomplishment. And now my bathroom smells of vinegar.
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