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Oscar Dress Report 2021

This was a bit trickier this year cos I didn't have such strong feelings about a lot of the dresses. And I feel like I could still change my mind over a couple, so it's probably best I post this now before I do just that...

Oscar Dress Report:

Ones I Liked

Chloe Zhao

You know, I really wouldn't have thought I'd like this, but something about the Native American Princess with white trainers look really works for her.


Emerald Fennell

So floaty and pretty.


Laura Dern

Dress explosion! But I like it.


Maria Bakalova

Can't go wrong with a princess dress.


Marlee Matlin

Those sleeves look so impractical but I still love it.


Viola Davis

I wasn't sure about this at first, but the more I look at it the more I like the papercutting craft look of it.


Yuh-Jung Youn

Simple. Elegant. And it has pockets. What more could you want?


Ones I'm Not Sure About

Amanda Seyfried

The skirt's ok, but the ruffles at the top look very weird.


Angela Bassett

I assume she's going swimming later and that's why she's wearing giant arm bands.


Carey Mulligan

Again the skirt is nice, but I cannot approve of a boob tube at the Oscars.


Glenn Close

It almost looks good, but it's very boxy and feels like the wrong length somehow.


Olivia Colman

I genuinely cannot decide if I really like this dress or if I think it's a frumpy mess. I think the angle matters.


Reese Witherspoon

I feel like I like the dress itself, but the strap and belt look all wrong.


Regina King

I like the butterfly shoulders. I'm not convinced by the rest of it though. It feels off somehow.


Ones I Didn't Like

Andra Day

This looks like beachwear. Metal beachwear, but still.


Halle Berry

Lose the prolapse bow at the front and maybe I'll reconsider.



I like the cape idea. I hate the sheer trousers. If it actually was a (non-sheer) dress I think I'd probably like it.


Renee Zellweger

You can't just wear a towel to the Oscars. Come on, Renee.


Rita Moreno

Not really a fan of the skirt. Or the giant fleecy cardigan.


Vanessa Kirby

It's so boring.



Why are these ab cut out dresses a thing and how can we make them stop?


And my Not a Dress of the night:

Leslie Odom, Jr

If you're going to the Oscars, why not go dressed as an Oscar? Didn't help him win though.
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