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Oscars 2021

It's (belated) Oscars time! As usual I recorded the ceremony and made sure not to look at any spoilers before I watched it. Part of me wishes I could have stayed up and liveblogged it properly during the night, but I'm too old for that kind of thing now. Even though I do have today off work, so theoretically I could have.

Paul, Emma, and I did our usual predictions game and once again I used Alexa as the Random Number Generator. She made some... interesting... choices.

And even though I didn't stay up, I did do a not-live liveblog for fun and enjoyment. So here we go...

Obviously we're all used to the Oscars being this huge event held in a giant theatre, so having it in such a small location feels weird. It's almost like dinner theatre with the tables set out like that. And I'm not convinced by the graphics and font, they feel very dated.

But never mind all that, on to the main event...

We start with Original Screenplay, which goes to Promising Young Woman. Excellent start for Emma and myself. Then Adapted Screenplay for The Father. I'm now two for two. Emma still has one. Paul has yet to get off the mark.

International Film is next and we've all gone for the drinking film, including Alexa. Do you think this says something about us?

Maybe it just says that we're good at predicting, because we're all correct and Another Round takes the prize.

Supporting Actor. Daniel Kaluuya is the safe bet here. And the winner. Bit of an interesting speech. His mother's face when he thanked his parents for having sex! I love it!

Make-up & Hair and Costume Design both go to Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. No surprises there.

Oh, we're back at the Dolby. Wow, the place looks so empty!

Now it's time for one of the big awards of the night - Directing. Chloe Zhao becomes the second woman to win the Directing Oscar, and I continue my winning streak with 7/7 predictions right so far. Emma is on 6/7, Paul 3/7, and Alexa 2/7.

Sound is next. I see for this year they've finally realised that nobody outside of the industry has any idea what the difference is between Sound Mixing and Sound Editing and have combined them into one award. Which goes to the appropriately named Sound of Metal.

Ooh, Live Action Short is next. This could be where I could lose my perfect score cos the shorts are always difficult to predict. But I don't! Two Distant Strangers takes it and I'm nine for nine, baby!

Animated Short goes to If Anything Happens I Love You, which brings me up to a perfect 10/10. Emma is on 7/10, Paul 3/10, and Alexa 2/10.

Animated Feature goes to Soul. As expected. Well, not by Paul who went for Wolfwalkers. Or Alexa who went for A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon and I do kinda wish she'd been right cos that would have been hilarious.

Documentary Short goes to Colette and I have now won our predictions game cos it's impossible for anyone to beat me.

My Octopus Teacher takes Documentary. Points to me and Paul.

Supporting Actress is next. Oh, no, it's Visual Effects. What happened? Is Brad Pitt running late?

Anyway, Visual Effects goes to Tenet. Points to all human players.

Ah, Brad Pitt's made it. So it's Supporting Actress time. Yuh-Jung Youn wins. Good speech. But not as good as her Bafta speech when she called us all snobbish! Lol.

Current scores: Caroline 15/15, Emma 10/15, Paul 5/15, Alexa 2/15.

Production Design time. Mank. I'm still at full marks.

Cinematography. Nomadland is the favourite but it goes to Mank and is my first failure of the night! Alas.

Harrison Ford has turned up to ramble for a bit and eventually give an award for Editing. How meta. It goes to Sound of Music and I'm back on form.

Original Song is coming up. I went with my heart and predicted Husavik, but I know that Americans don't really get what Eurovision is about so they probably won't go for it.

Oh, wait, Score is first. And Soul is the winner. I love how the people were nominated for more than one film so we all had to wait for the third name to be read before we knew what had actually won!

Song goes to Fight For You. That's points to Paul and Alexa.

Glenn Close is doing Da Butt. Of course.

Bit weird to go from that to In Memoriam. And this In Memoriam segment feels weird too. Did so many people die they had to fast forward through it all?

Wait, they've changed the running order so Best Picture isn't last? Why? Is Chadwick going to win Best Actor and they want to end on a tribute to him?

Nomadland wins Best Picture and Frances McDormand howls like a wolf on the stage. As you do.

Now it's time for Best Actress. Paul, Emma, and I have all gone with different choices. I was torn between Viola Davis and Frances McDormand but went with Viola in the end.

But it's Frances McDormand who wins. Emma gets the point.

Short speech. I approve. But then I suppose she already said all she had to say when Nomadland won Best Picture.

And now it's the Chadwick Boseman, I mean Best Actor, award. We all think it's going to go to Chadwick, except Alexa who thinks Anthony Hopkins.

Huh, that's what Gary Oldman looks like now? I did not recognise him at all!

And the Best Actor Oscar goes to...

Anthony Hopkins! Alexa beat us all!

But Anthony Hopkins isn't there, so Joaquin Phoenix accepts the award on his behalf and that's it. What an anticlimactic end to the ceremony. If you'd kept it in the proper order you could have ended with Frances McDormand howling at the ceiling.

And we're done. Final scores for the night:

Caroline: 19/23
Emma: 15/23
Paul: 7/23
Alexa: 4/23

VICTORY! Although I do wish I'd been able to keep my winning streak going. I started off so well then it all fell apart at the end!

And now Paul owes us a Nomadland themed cocktail. To go with all the others he still owes us!
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