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Gill and Buses

No reply from Gill. Great(!) I'd suggested we meet on Tuesday, figuring that would give her time to check her emails and reply. But obviously I was wrong. So now I don't know what to do. What if she replies later? I could come in really, really early tomorrow to check, or maybe this evening. I was wondering whether I should go to chorus or not. At the moment I really don't feel like it though.

And the buses are driving me crazy. I just looked it up and I'm going to have to catch the bus 70 minutes before my lectures/seminars. How fun for me.

Also, bus drivers. A couple of days ago I got on the bus at the station in town and the driver said he wasn't going to the uni. I said fine, I'm going to Herne Bay and he said "not with that you're not" so I had to tell him that my pass did cover that area and he grumbled that they must have changed since he last saw them (actually, they were exactly the same last year.) And then he said he's going the long way to Herne Bay. That pissed me off, even after establishing that I am on the right bus he's still trying to get me to leave.

Do they take lessons in being rude? Is it part of their training? I've noticed that whenever they take my bus pass to check it they don't do it in a polite way, instead they snatch it, glare at it, glare at me, glare at it again then thrust it back to me as though disappointed they couldn't find anything wrong with it.

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