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Module change done. Well, form submitted. And yes, I took the cowards way out by hanging around outside his door until someone else came out and I went in after them. He apologised for the module being cancelled, which was nice.

I've also located the rooms I will be needing this term. Only one of them is a bit iffy, it's not marked the same as what I've got down but it's in the area I would expect it to be with the code it's given. I suppose I'll have to do the hanging around thing again and hope someone else turns up and says "hey, is this Latin for Beginners?" and I can say "well I hope so. Otherwise I'm lost." Being lost together is much better than being lost alone.

Now I still need to get my council tax certificate and register my return. I should email Gill.

I'm in Keynes now, which makes me feel all sad and nostalgic cos it's my college and I wish I was living here again. It would be so much easier than Herne Bay. When I was here the main worry I had was that the fire alarm would go off while I was in the shower.

And finally, English weather is funny. Yesterday I was cold and wet because it was raining so much. Today it's bright and sunny and could be summer again.


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Sep. 26th, 2004 10:29 am (UTC)
Yay. I'm so proud of you. Good job! *hugs*

True. I rather be lost with someone than just myself. 'Cause I can blame it all on them if anything happens. :D

That would be scary. Fire alarm while in the shower. Eek! Oh, and shower, Care. *images* Sorry. ;)

Weather is funny here too ya know. It's cold out now but yesterday it was wicked hot. It's annoying.
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