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Goodbye, November

And so November draws to a close. Not much to report on my end. We've spent most of the month in lockdown after all. I did built the Lego Haunted House on my week off work, so that was fun. And then went back to work to get shouted at by many people who didn't seem to realise there even was a lockdown.

The main news of the month, of course, was America correcting the terrible mistake they made four years ago and not re-electing the ridiculous orange man-baby to a second term of office as President. Well done, America. I'm proud of you. If only we were allowed to correct the terrible mistake we made four years ago when we voted for Brexit, but alas we don't have that option.

Christmas is rapidly approaching, but like everything else this year it doesn't feel quite real. Obviously I'm not going to be able to do my usual Christmas trip to London, which does make me very sad. It's something I really look forward to cos I love going up, spending time with Paul, and seeing the pretty lights and browsing the Christmas Markets and drinking mulled wine and singing along to Muppet Christmas Carol with a whole cinema of people. I even enjoy braving the crowds at Winter Wonderland in order to win small cuddly toys on the shooting games.

Another thing that's different this year is the Christmas tree. I've always been an advocate for a real tree. I love the way it smells, filling the whole room with the scent of Christmas so that when you come downstairs in the morning the very air in the house feels festive. But normally Rob drives up and we pick out the tree together, which is not an option this year cos we're in Tier Two so can't mix indoors. So I've gone for an artificial tree. Hopefully it will still look nice, and maybe I'll pick up a small potted real tree from the supermarket to try and get some of the Christmassy smell I so love as well.
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