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An August Month

So, another month has passed by at lightning speed. Wasn't it July just yesterday? How are we at the tail end of August already? Have we fallen into some trans-dimensional time warp where the laws of physics no longer apply and nothing means anything any more? Quite possibly, yes.

The weather has been fun too. First off we had a couple of weeks of that hideous heatwave which made sleeping pretty much impossible even with a fan pointed directly at me all night. Then last week we had so much rain that it came in through the conservatory roof and ruined a box of old pictures. Fortunately they were mostly just decorative pictures that had come from my grandparents' home and didn't have any sentimental value, but the fact that the conservatory leaks at all is worrying.

We're also coming to the end of season for my blackberry bushes, which is weird cos I'm sure I remember getting loads in September when I was younger, but I suppose that's due to the climate getting hotter as the years have gone on. I managed to make two crumbles with what I picked and they were both very nice, so I feel like I made the most of the fruit that was there. Now I need to cut the bushes back, which is going to be a bit of a job cos I let them get rather more out of hand than I should have done. Ah well, something to do on my upcoming week off I suppose, since it's not like I'll be going anywhere!

And finally, I got to go see my dentist a couple of weeks ago cos I had a hole in my tooth. I thought maybe a filling had come out, but turns out I'd managed to break off a piece of tooth instead. So I got a new filling yesterday, which meant I had the fun of a half-numb mouth for a few hours, and now I have the constant worry that it's going to come loose at any moment. Hopefully I'll get over that soon!
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